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John Moubray’s book on RCM has been acknowledged as a classic text on the formulation of physical asset management strategies. It is a prerequisite for anyone seriously involved in the application of RCM. It will also be of immense value to maintenance managers and to anyone else concerned with reliability, productivity, safety and environmental integrity of physical assets. More than 70, 000 copies of this book are now in circulation. The first edition of John Moubray’s book on RCM was published in the United Kingdom in 1991 and in the United States in 1992. It has also been published in Chinese and German. The second edition was published in 1997. It was comprehensively updated to incorporate developments arising from work done by the Aladon Network at hundreds of locations around the world, spanning every major industrial sector. This edition included more than 100 pages of new material on the analysis of functions and failures, human error, the management of risk, failure-finding, the measurement of maintenance performance and condition monitoring. The second edition was further updated in 1998 (version 2.1), in 1999 (version 2.2) and in 2000 (version 2.3). These updates added developments in maintenance strategy formulation. For instance, in addition to further technical refinements, versions 2.1 and 2.2 incorporated changes which ensure that the terminology used in RCM is compatible with key terms used in the field of risk management. Version 2.2 added a glossary. Version 2.3 incorporates numerous references to the SAE RCM Standard JA1011. The RCMII book is part of the course materials for the RCM2 Introductory Course but can also be purchased* through (US English) and (UK English). *you may want to contact Amazon or “sellers” of used copies to inquire on version numbers.


After graduating as a mechanical engineer in 1971, John Moubray worked for two years as a maintenance planner in a packaging plant and for one year as a commercial field engineer for a major oil company. In 1974, he joined a large multi-disciplinary management consulting company. He worked for this company for twelve years, specialising in the development and implementation of manual and computerised maintenance management systems for a wide variety of clients in the mining, manufacturing and electric utility sectors. He first encountered Reliability-Centred Maintenance in 1981 and soon became aware of its universality and the extent to which it filled a void in general industrial maintenance thinking. This led him to seek out Stan Nowlan co-author of the 1978 Nowlan & Heap report on RCM in 1982. Under the personal guidance and mentorship of Stan Nowlan (which continued until Stan’s death in 1995), Moubray began to develop a suite of training and support services designed to transfer the technology of RCM to industrial clients. In 1986, Moubray decided to concentrate exclusively on RCM. This led him to found Aladon Ltd in 1986 and Aladon LLC in the USA in 1998. Moubray headed Aladon as Chief Executive Officer until his death in 2004. Moubray served on the committee that developed SAE standard JA1011, “Evaluation Criteria for RCM Processes”. He also served on the committee that is revising the MSG3 standard under the auspices of the American Air Transport Association.  In addition he is the author of numerous articles on RCM.
John Moubray, Inventor of RCM2 and Founder of The Aladon Network

John Moubray,
Inventor of RCM2 and Founder of The Aladon Network