About Aladon

We are a global network of asset reliability (RCM) professionals, certified in the delivery of team approach risk and reliability-based methodologies for all key assets in your organization. Our network has successfully and efficiently helped clients apply RCM-based practices in over 80 countries over the past three decades. We combine world-class asset care strategies to deliver change management, thanks to our extensive training and industrial expertise.

Simply put, we give you tools to improve the way you manage maintenance and operations, controlling costs and boosting overall productivity. From Condition Assessment and Asset Life Information Management to our integrated risk based methodologies (RCM3 and RBI3), we focus on increasing asset value by reducing the cost of ownership and increasing return on asset (ROA) value.

Our Clients

What do some of the largest and most successful companies on every continent around the globe have in common? They’ve all relied on the dedicated service and expertise of the Aladon Network and its members. Since 1986, our global network has trained tens of thousands of people worldwide, helping companies in all industries improve operational productivity and reliability.

A Brief History of Aladon

1981 – Aladon’s Founder, John Moubray first encountered Reliability-Centered Maintenance and soon became aware of its universality and the extent to which it filled a void in general industrial maintenance thinking.

1983 – Under the personal guidance and mentorship of Stan Nowlan (one of the founding members of RCM in the airline industry), John worked with Stan Nowlan to develop a suite of training and support services designed to transfer the technology of RCM to industrial clients until Stan’s death in 1995.

1986 – John Moubray founded Aladon Ltd. (then Aladon LLC in 1998) and headed the company as CEO until his death in 2004.

1987 – John Moubray certified the first Aladon Network Member in the application of RCM2.

1991 – The first edition of John’s book on RCM was published in the UK and in the US in 1992.

1999 – The Society of Automotive Engineering introduced a standard (SAE JA-1011, and later JA-1012) to define the criteria a method must comply with in order to be called RCM. John Moubray’s book is a key reference in the standard and RCM2 fully complies with the standard.

2004 – John passed away leaving a rich heritage to the industry and a strong Network of professionals who were dedicated to his ideas.

2006 – Ivara Corporation, then member of the Aladon Network, took over the reins and through the collaboration of the members of the Aladon Network continued to foster the work started by Nowlan, Heap and Moubray.

2006 – A risk-appropriate parallel methodology called Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA) was formally introduced and supported by technology. MTA was originally developed in the 1990s as an FMEA to review programs where risk was relatively low and enough knowledge existed such that a review was possible.

2012 – Bentley Systems acquired Ivara and all its assets (including Aladon).

2014 – Marius Basson, a long-time Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM2) practitioner and Aladon member trained by John Moubray, acquired the Aladon business from Bentley Systems.

2015 – Aladon released RCM3, extending the robust RCM2 methodology to include a risk-based approach for improving the decision making and the manner in which protective systems are addressed. For the first time, all the decisions for maintenance, together with asset life-cycle management recommendations are addressed in a single integrated methodology. Aladon releases supporting methodologies to cover full asset life-cycle management.

Ready for Proactive Maintenance?

The Aladon Network will guide you from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance. We help companies worldwide optimize their assets, reduce operating and maintenance costs and improve sustainable reliability. Since 1986, our Aladon Advantage offers organizations dedicated service and results-obsessed expertise.