Why Become an Aladon Member/Partner

Step 1:

Your organization believes in and stands by the mission values of Aladon. Aladon RCM™ and strategy are guiding principles, and you want to be a thought leader in asset care and physical asset management.

Step 2:

Your organization must have an Aladon Certified Practitioner.

The Practitioner course is comprised of three intensive weeks whereby the participant develops an in depth understanding of RCM and the Aladon  Strategy. Participants learn how to teach the methodology and learn how to coach Facilitators. To be successful the Participant will demonstrate strong leadership and facilitation skills, a good grasp of change management and coaching techniques and mastery of the subject. The days are typically 10 to 12 hours long and on the last day (Saturday) the Participant must write a 5-hour exam. Following the three-week classroom training the candidates will be required to deliver a 3-Day RCM Introductory Course under supervision of an experienced certified “Aladon Practitioner.”

  • Week 1 is focused on breaking down the courses and teaching the Participant how to effectively give the RCM Introductory and Advanced Facilitator courses.
  • Week 2 focuses on facilitation and coaching techniques as well as the requirements for successful implementation, which includes change management.
  • Week 3 is focused on presentation skills and teaching Participants how to present the courses.

An Aladon Certified Practitioner is well regarded in industry as part of a very prestigious group of individuals renowned for their expertise and the quality of their work. As a certified “Aladon Practitioner” you will be able to deliver courses, coach Facilitators and deliver RCM2 services.

Step 3:

Contact us for more information about joining The Aladon Network.