The Only Process Needed for All Your Assets

Everything we’ve learned over many years of researching and testing Reliability Centered Maintenance – has gone into improving and enhancing our methodology and RCM3™. And, everything we keep learning with each passing milestone makes RCM3 even better.

Aladon developed RCM3 as an enhanced version of RCM2™, the trademark methodology for Aladon.

RCM3 exceeds SAE standards and broadens RCM2 capability to align with more recent and international accepted ISO Management Systems (ISO 55000 and ISO 31000). Additionally, RCM3 is fully integrated with other Business Risk Management Systems like RBI and HAZOP.

RCM3 is no longer just another initiative, but a mainstream business risk management process that could become the most important management system for improving Process Safety and Asset Integrity. Our new risk-based methodology is the only process companies need to maintain and optimize all their assets (rotating and static).

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Effective. Tested. Groundbreaking.

The development of the RCM3 risk-based approach started with John Moubray more than 30 years ago and has continued through Aladon Network Members who have helped develop the original concepts and have tested the methodology with many world-class facilities. The results of their pioneering work have been groundbreaking. RCM3 has been implemented successfully in many Blue Chip Companies with results that exceed the expectations of most. The RCM3 process is much more intuitive and more maintenance decisions are being made by the review groups (people who know the equipment best) than ever before. Less recommendations are referred to upper management for final approval – the RCM3 process is more robust and transparent and our clients love it! RCM3 is the best response to the challenges and expectations brought by the Fourth Generation Maintenance.

RCM3 is now the process industry’s most advanced method for managing maintenance and operations to control costs and boost overall productivity. Our aim is to continue to explore new technologies and trends working with our global Network and Technology Partners to lead the world with our world class training courses and robust methodologies.

Understand RCM2 vs. RCM3

A progression table from RCM2 to RCM3 illustrates the extended capabilities of RCM3, which may be viewed here. RCM3 is now the new standard for how organizations manage their operational risks and improve asset integrity.

Highlights of the new textbook include:

Strengthening the robust foundational RCM principles
An explanation of RCM3 process at length with new practical examples
How to apply RCM3 and how the assets should be selected
Background information about how maintenance has changed over four generations and how the requirements of Industry 4.0 places additional pressure on maintenance departments
How to adhere to International ISO Standards for Physical Asset Management and Risk Management (ISO 55000 & ISO 31000) and how RCM3 puts asset managementmainstream with other business management processes
Information about the actuarial analysis and failure data and how proper use of technology advances reliability
Updated approach for testing and handling of protective devices
Maintenance in the age of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and its challenges

Ready for Proactive Maintenance?

The Aladon Network will guide you from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance. We help companies worldwide optimize their assets, reduce operating and maintenance costs and improve sustainable reliability. Since 1986, our Aladon Advantage offers organizations dedicated service and results-obsessed expertise.