Why Choose Aladon for Asset Reliability Maintenance

Ready for Proactive Maintenance?

Tired of unpredictable maintenance? Aladon will guide you from reactive maintenance to proactive asset reliability maintenance. We help companies worldwide optimize their assets, reduce operating and maintenance costs and improve sustainable reliability. Since 1986, our Aladon Advantage offers organizations dedicated service and results-obsessed expertise.

Our process in action is our secret to success

When you’re finally ready to move from reactive maintenance to proactive asset reliability management with a reliability centered maintenance program, why choose Aladon? After all, there are other businesses promising faster returns than Aladon’s long-term plan. But, before you take this easier route, consider that most reliability plans fail.

That’s because key to your organization’s successful implementation of reliability centered maintenance is long term support and mentoring throughout the process. We at Aladon have developed proven methodology for asset reliability management, but your success is limited by how well equipped you are to implement RCM3™ to its fullest. That’s why when you work with Aladon, we support your organization for the long haul. The majority of RCM initiatives fail, but the organizations that adopt Aladon’s methodologies and stay with us over time prove to successfully transition from reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance. The effect of correctly implementing RCM3 technology can be tremendous, saving money, time, the environment and even lives.

The Aladon Network and our cohort of network members are world renowned for being the gold standard in reliability centered maintenance for good reason. We are rooted in methodologies developed by the father of RCM and founder of Aladon, John Moubray. 

We have 30+ years’ experience, in every industry known to mankind, across hundreds of countries and on six continents. Our network members each have a minimum of 15 years of experience in reliability maintenance, and their deep knowledge combined with our proven processes and methodologies make the Aladon Advantage unmatched in the industry.

How the Aladon Process Works

Aladon offers a systematic approach to our proven methodology, RCM3™ within organizations. We offer a step-by-step process, with a go/no go decision point after each step. That means you determine as you go along if the Aladon RCM3 methodology is right for you. 

Following is a summary of what this looks like in practice:

  • Executive overview: We start with a one day overview of RCM3 processes and methodologies to your organization’s stakeholders, including: union leaders, sponsors of the program and anyone on the team who has oversight of the maintenance. This leadership team can then decide if they want to proceed with Aladon training.
  • Introductory training: We begin training with a 3-day introductory RCM3 course with engineers, operators, maintenance team members, union leaders and subject matter experts. Following the completion of this introductory RCM3 course, the team decides if they should proceed with continuing education. 
  • Classroom training: The next step is a more intense 10-day training with select members of the group who joined the introductory to RCM course. This group will learn to become a group facilitator and will join follow up mentoring. 
  • Mentoring: We next take a select group through a pilot project where they analyze equipment that they have. This is a three-week process that occurs on site.
  • Facilitatory Exam: After an intense on site exam, we determine who can facilitate the process. It’s not for everybody. This is a fairly rigorous process, which results in a few facilitators for the organization. 
  • Execution: The facilitators will execute the new maintenance program with support from Aladon. We provide ongoing training and mentoring to ensure your organization applies the RCM process directly and assets are performing at the right level. As part of this process, your organization becomes an Aladon site where you continue to implement our methodologies and can purchase our software. 

How We Help

At Aladon, we change the way you think about maintenance and actually equip you to improve the way your company manages its maintenance and operations – reduce risks, improve safety and reliability, control costs and boost overall productivity. Our goal is to help you to add value and proactively manage every phase of the asset life-cycle. We do so by delivering a portfolio of reliability training and services that is unmatched in the industry.

  • Ensure the inherent reliability of your assets is harvested
  • Ensure your physical assets continue to do what you want them to do throughout their useful life
  • Implement the right strategies to improve and integrate your company’s maintenance processes
  • Deliver the tools to enhance compliance activities, asset utilization and maintenance effectiveness
  • Help your team focus their improvement efforts and develop a culture of asset management

Ready to get started? With an Aladon Principal and Network Member close by, we are ready to assist. Contact us today to discover how we can help you create a culture of risk management success with the extended capabilities of our unmatched RCM-based methodologies and supporting technologies.