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About CH2M

Around the world, CH2M helps government and industry clients plan, develop, and manage infrastructure and facilities that improve efficiency, safety, and quality of life. Our broad experience benefits our clients by enabling us to apply best practices and the latest, proven technologies from our work with a diverse spectrum of industry, government, private and public utility, and commercial clients. Through our international network of offices, our global supplier relationships, and our local contacts, we ensure that efficiencies are achieved, ample resources are assigned, and client projects are delivered cost-effectively and on schedule.

CH2M has assisted more than 500 organisations worldwide to successfully develop, implement, and optimise their Asset Management (AM) programs. We employ proven tools and processes that produce results and incorporate the best of industry standards such as ISO 55000, PAS-55, the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM), Electrical Power Research Institute Asset Management Guidelines (EPRI), and the Smart Grid Maturity Model.

As part of our overall Asset Management Program, CH2M provides the full range of maintenance services including: preventative, predictive, repair replacement planning, condition assessments, and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM). Our highly trained team of maintenance professionals delivers these services across a wide range of industries

Principal Practitioner Profile

Rob Gay
Rob Gay

Strategic Consulting & Asset Management Practice Lead

Years of Experience: 30+

Notable Facts: Rob Gay is the Strategic Consulting & Asset Management Practice Lead at CH2M's Asia Pacific Region. He has over 30 years of wide-ranging and practical experience in maintenance training, facilitating and implementing RCM2. Rob’s extensive engineering, maintenance, and asset management experience are currently being deployed in identifying, developing and implementing reliability strategies for the Australian Government, Defence, Mining, Power Generation, Infrastructure and Utility sectors.

Prior to joining CH2M, Rob was the Asset Management and Training Lead at Relken and prior to that Lead Director at Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) who led the development and profitable growth of the Asset Management advisory capability in Australia. Before CH2M, Rob gained over 23 years of maintenance management experience with the Royal Navy Nuclear Submarine Service culminating in three years of working directly with the Director General of In-Service Submarines. In this role, Rob was part of a team who led the application of a Reliability Centred Maintenance Strategies in military platforms, in one of the world’s largest applications of the process.

Strategic Asset Management (Policy, ISO 55000 Compliant Strategies, Frameworks, Plans and Objectives) and Maintenance Effectiveness and Efficiency Strategies.

Practitioner Profile

Scott Feher
Scott Feher

Years of Experience: 16+

Notable Facts: Scott is an experienced maintenance specialist with more than 16 years of experience in providing leadership and technical knowledge with a strong emphasis on interpersonal skills to successfully resolve maintenance and operational issues in client organisations.

Evaluates and develops maintenance systems Performs condition assessment, business risk analyses and planning and scheduling Trains client staff on maintenance systems and optimises maintenance related business processes Provides knowledge transfer for independent operations Certified Aladon RCM2 presenter