Aladon Software Partner Network

The Aladon Network methodologies are best practices in reliability. Our key software partners work closely with us to develop strategic, integrated offerings that work seamlessly to help customers implement, manage, and maintain their assets according to the principles of RCM, RBI, RCFA, CA and more.

Reliability Engineering Workbench (REW)

We offer advanced software as an integral part of the different reliability and asset management methodologies that are available today. Integrating software with a methodology without sacrificing its integrity requires a complete understanding of the methodology as well as the skills to transfer the methodology to a software support tool. Our software knowledge is based on decades of providing asset management services in the military and commercial industries.

We put the cumulative experience of the global Aladon Network to work, helping us develop an integrated suite of software tools that enables a culture of proactive risk management as well as a continuous improvement. The software includes:

  • Asset Criticality and Priority Assessment (ACAP™)
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2™/RCM3™)
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
  • Asset Condition Assessment Software (ACAS)

Aladon’s software partner has a commitment to Aladon and its network of practitioners and their clients to ensure that the REW software will compare to the best of its class, and that new developments to cater for specific user requirements will be considered and processed in the shortest possible time frames.

Aladon is in advanced stages of discussion with some of the major CMMS and Asset Management Software providers in the industry to implement full integration between these systems and the REW Software selected modules. Individual requirements from customers for integration into their CMMS software systems are considered on a case by case basis as these requirements arise.

The Reliability Engineering Workbench (REW) Software consists of different modules, some of which are discussed below:

Asset Criticality and Prioritization (ACAP™)

For any business to operate cost effectively and efficiently, available resources will always be a challenge. Therefore the available resources (funds, people, spares etc.) need to be directed at the most critical areas affecting the operational capability and safety and environmental integrity of the business. To an asset owner or manager, naturally everything is (equally) important.

ACAP helps asset owners and managers to identify the assets which are most critical to not only their production process, but the assets most critical to the business overall. ACAP™ also helps organisations to reach consensus in defining the most critical assets to the business by facilitating a relative risk ranking as well as a prioritization process. The result of the prioritization process is aligned with the CMMS to assist in prioritizing maintenance activities.

The ACAP Module is fully integrated with the RCM2, RCM3, RCFA and ACAS module and utilises the same asset hierarchy as the other modules.

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM3™)

Aladon had specialized in the application (training and implementing) of RCM2 for many years. This evergreen methodology has now been expanded to RCM3 which incorporates everything that RCM2 did, but add some important new dimensions to ensure that the results from implementing RCM3 aligns the organization with all the new development in international standards related to asset and reliability management

The RCM3 Software has been developed with 2 things in mind:

(1) To ensure that the RCM3 methodology is maintained throughout the analysis and implementation process, and
(2) to ensure that RCM3 implementation can be executed in the shortest possible period of time throughout an organisation, whether it is local, national or international through application of templating where applicable.

Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)

Experience throughout industry has shown that regardless of the efforts being employed to prevent or at least proactively manage possible failures and associated risks, there are always opportunities for continuous improvement. The Aladon root cause failure analysis (RCFA) methodology takes the best of class from the (many) different approaches to RCA/RCFA and combine it into an effective RCFA methodology.

The RCFA software facilitates an analysis process for less important events or failures or more high impact events or failures. The software allows for the user to interrogate an RCM3 analysis while performing an RCFA to include and verify failure modes previously analysed during the RCM3 analysis. Existing maintenance tasks can also be called up and updated where required after the RCFA process has been conducted.

Asset Condition Assessment Software (ACAS)

ACAS facilitates the process of determining the current condition of all classes of assets to enable asset owners to determine the optimum approach for current and future reliability management and improvement programs. The ACAS software is fully integrated with the rest of the REW software modules.