Aladon RCM2™ Toolkit

Ivara’s EXP Professional goes beyond traditional RCM toolkits. EXP Pro supports a full suite of integrated modules to help you define a complete reliability improvement strategy.

EXP Professional is the leading reliability strategy development software.  First and foremost, EXP Professional enables the documentation of an RCM2 or MTA analysis thereby speeding up the overall facilitation process and eliminating the paperwork.  EXP goes a step further than other RCM software toolkits by offering complementary functionality to support a risk based approach to determining where to focus your efforts across your entire equipment base.  Understanding the business risk of safety, environmental, operating and non-operating consequences helps you determine where RCM2 or MTA are most appropriate and helps you develop a roadmap for improvement that is technically based and defensible.Your analysis will not end up in a binder sitting on a shelf or charts hanging on the wall.  EXP eliminates the paperwork and allows you to show your analysis, results and action plans to your management team immediately after the facilitation session.

Designed with input from The Aladon Network Practitioners, and developed by the leading enterprise software developers at Ivara Corporation, EXP Professional includes the following modules (click for details):

  • Asset Prioritization
  • Strategy Selection
  • RCM2
  • Maintenance Task Analysis
Technology Features:
  • Available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Single user or multi user versions.
  • Built on SQL Server and included with the software (no more MS-Access).
  • Easy to install and administer.
  • Easy to use – Intuitive user interface, easy to navigate, short-cuts, spell check, powerful reporting and presentation capabilities.
  • Enhanced security – easy to set up at module, object, field, function levels.
  • Import/export analysis – import from the old Aladon RCM toolkit, export to Excel.  Talk to an Aladon representative
    for more information about potential upgrade credit for certain RCM toolkits.

Free Trial – When you attend the RCM2 Facilitator Course, you will receive a 30 day free trial version of Ivara EXP Professional.

To find out more about the Aladon RCM2 Toolkit contact your local Aladon Network Member or
Aladon at +1 (910) 399-3867 or by email at