Operational Sustainability, LLC®

Combining the risk and reliability training and methodologies of Aladon with Operational Sustainability’s proven focus on enterprise solutions to reduce risk, enhance efficiency, and improve asset integrity, companies gain an integrated, holistic approach to asset management.

Integrating technology and software to implement the methodologies and processes requires a clear understanding of enterprise level data analysis for risk and reliability. Operational Sustainability’s OSSuite™ provides the enterprise software to underpin Aladon’s reliability and risk methodologies, including:

OSSuite™ is an industry-leading cloud-based, mobile-enabled Enterprise Risk Management software solution. OSSuite is designed to take the complexity out of navigating asset management challenges, from optimizing maintenance and inspection intervals to reliability centered maintenance and managing equipment life cycles.

The comprehensive approach to asset risk management and performance improvement offered by the combined strengths of Aladon and Operational Sustainability helps companies enhance compliance activities, reduce business interruptions, increase asset utilization, manage lifecycle cost, optimize maintenance and inspection intervals, prevent unwanted events, and protect their reputation. Reliability centered design, operations and maintenance combined with comprehensive performance and asset management form the bedrock of our asset integrity approach.

As a strategic software partner, Operational Sustainability continues to explore new technologies and trends in conjunction with the Aladon global network.

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