Our Experience, Your Peace of Mind

Experiencing asset performance issues?

Our Aladon Certified Experts can help with your physical asset management and personnel cultural challenges. We understand the shift in technology and demographics and our methodologies are designed to overcome those challenges faced by your team in not only changing the way people think (through our world-class training curriculum), but our experienced consultants will be able to assist with sustainable transformation of your business. We will change your vision into your experience.

Once you engage one of our global experts, you will find that we are passionate about you and the problems you wish to solve. Our global Network could assist beyond performing and implementation of RCM, with Network members knowledgeable and experienced in almost all aspects of maintenance and reliability, our Network can assist with system integration, taxonomy and asset hierarchy, asset prioritization, asset strategy development, planning and scheduling, execution (improving wrench time), work control and assessment (for continuous improvement). Through collaboration within our Network, Aladon can provide a global one-stop shop to assist with the challenges you face with your maintenance and operations and solve those issues in the language (and culture) of your people.

No time to train your own team of employees to facilitate RCM? Put our expertise to work today.

Our Aladon Certified Experts can help reduce the time it takes to thoroughly analyze, develop and implement proactive reliability strategies on your critical assets. We bring real world experience to help you assess your current asset management performance – and then we work with you and your team to define the right reliability approach to meet your needs now.

EAM Strategy Development and Program Management

Our consultants help to ensure that your company is successful. We will make sure you are prepared to embark on this journey of improvement and that you have access to the best methodologies and technology to guarantee sustainability and longevity of the program. We will assist with developing the strategies and support functions that is required for successful change management. Your project managers, facilitators, review groups and RCM auditors will apply RCM correctly, and so ensure that your organization derives the most value from this process. This support usually forms part of our competency development process, but can be contracted at any time on a per-day basis.

For more information, please contact Aladon or the Aladon Network Member in your area.